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FFUN Dodge North Battleford's 2021 & 2022 Gift Giving Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re feeling stumped on finding the perfect gift for the automotive enthusiast in your life, then this gift-giving guide is for you. From Christmas morning surprises to unforgettable anniversary presents, the team at FFUN Dodge North Battleford has plenty of gift ideas that can be enjoyed all year long. Take a look at a few of our favourite gift-giving ideas for 2021 and 2022!
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Battle of the Battlefords!


People of The Battlefords! It’s time to get ready for the most exciting showdown of the year! FFUN Dodge North Battleford and our friends at North Battleford Hyundai present: The Battle of the Battlefords! This summer, two of North Battleford's most celebrated dealerships are coming together to offer incredible savings, promotions, and giveaways. With an endless supply of inventory for Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler, and Hyundai vehicles, not to mention loads of exciting specials across the dealership, this summer might just be our most exciting one yet. Read on to learn more!
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Why December is a Great Time to Drive Home in a New Ride


We know what you’re thinking -- the snow is here, the holidays are right around the corner and the last thing on your mind is upgrading your wheels. But hear us out! While many folks in North Battleford might be preparing to hibernate or booking getaways to warmer destinations, you could be taking advantage of some of the best 2019 clear-out deals around. We’re going to break down our top reasons why December is actually a great month to buy a new Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or RAM.
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The Winner Is...


We spent the last few months showing our Saskatchewan farming communities our unwavering appreciation for all that they do! We highlighted two videos from RAM’s “Farmer in All of Us” campaign each month, touching on important topics like women in farming, starting from humble beginnings, farming as a family business, communities built around local farms, and so many more. Plus, we gave major props to RAM as the ultimate work truck, and even offered our community members $500 off any new vehicle purchase to show our thanks to our local farms and farmers. 
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FFUN Dodge North Battleford's Farming Feature: Agriculture is a Way of Life in Saskatchewan


“We work ‘till the day is done, and then we start over. Farming is in my blood. We never go backwards - we’re always moving forward.”
Legend has it that the very first wheat seeds were planted in what would eventually become Saskatchewan in 1750, helping both natives and new settlers realize the fertility and opportunity that existed in the region. 100 years later, the official agricultural revolution began, and by the time the nation of Canada was formed, Saskatchewan had already solidified itself as the farming hub of the new country.
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FFUN Dodge North Battleford's Farming Feature: Farming is a Family Business

“For me it’s a love of the land, it’s what we do, and it’s me and my parents working together - that’s not something that happens all the time anymore. Some people might not consider it a great story, but it’s our story, and I hope it’s one worth telling.” - Jake Ledoux, Farmer
For the third installment of our Farming Feature series, we’ve been inspired by stories of family-owned farms across the Prairies. Many Saskatchewan farms have been passed down through generations, and valuable farming skills are learned from parents and grandparents.
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FFUN Dodge North Battleford's Farming Feature: Humble Beginnings

“The most important crop that we’ve raised on this farm is our children and our grandchildren. That’s my legacy - my family. It’s a treat that we can all work together, play together and laugh together.” Maxwell Family, Farmers
Sometimes, what we end up growing as business owners is a lot more than simply “growing the business.” We grow families, community and a vision for the future. Many of Saskatchewan’s farms started as small operations that kept food on the table, but grew to incorporate new crops, bigger plots of land, progressive new technology and a wider…
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FFUN Dodge North Battleford's Farming Feature: Women in Farming


If you’ve grown up in The Battlefords, then you know that Northern Saskatchewan is Farm Country! Saskatchewan produces over 50% of the country’s wheat, and grain farming dominates most of the province. Farming is a vital job, and these essential workers make big sacrifices to help ensure that Canadians have enough food to put on the table each day.
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Welcome to the FFUN Dodge North Battleford Blog


Our outlet to share everything from advice, tips and tricks, but also our latest deals and sales
We believe in our community and we hope that we can help build a relationship with everyone that enters our showroom and even our online world. We want every person who works with us to have a pleasant and efficient car buying experience. We believe that we’re the place where friends send their friends and that’s what we strive for with every customer interaction. 
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