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BikTrix Electric Bikes for Sale

Explore Saskatchewan in style with a high-performance eBike, available at FFUN Dodge North Battleford.

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    BikTrix Custom Electric Bikes: Meet the Lineup

    From big adventures in the Saskatchewan backcountry to running errands around town or on the farm, there's a BikTrix eBike for everyone. With a range of models, customizations, and accessories to choose from, you'll drive away with an electric bike that compliments your lifestyle and stays within budget. Range, speed, versatility - BikTrix electric bikes have it all!!

    The Juggernaut Series

    This series is designed with versatility in mind. From daily commutes to hitting the hills, Juggernaut models are powerful, comfortable, and customizable. Choose from the Hub Duo, Classic Duo, Ultra Duo 2, Ultra Duo 3, Ultra FS Pro 2, Ultra Beast 2, and HD Limited.
    • Range: 120 - 150 KM
    • Power: 750 - 1000W Mid-Drive
    • Torque: 80 - 160Nm
    • Design: Step-Over or Step-Thru

    The Monte Capro Series

    This is the newest series of high-performance electric mountain bikes to join the BikTrix family. Hardcore riders will appreciate the carbon frame, torque-sensing pedal assist, and high-powered motor. Choose from the Monte Capro Ultra and Monte Capro Lite.
    • Range: up to 60 KM
    • Power: 500 - 1000W Ultra Mid-Drive
    • Torque: 120 - 160Nm
    • Design: Step-Over

    The Stunner Series

    It's all in the name: this cruiser-style eBike is stunning! These bikes are excellent for city rides and light trails, and come with a range of attachments and accessories for hauling your goods around town. Choose from the Stunner, Stunner LT, and Stunner X.
    • Range: up to 60 KM
    • Power: 750W Rear- or Mid-Hub
    • Torque: 80Nm
    • Design: Step-Over or Step-Thru

    The Swift Series

    The BikTrix Swift is ideal for convenient daily travel, and the upright riding position provides the perfect balance between comfort and control. These bikes will take you where you need to go in swift and effortless style. Choose from the Swift and Swift Lite.
    • Range: 30 - 60 KM
    • Power: 350 - 500W Rear-Hub
    • Torque: 35 - 60Nm
    • Design: Step-Over or Step-Thru

    Can I Tow it?

    Here at SCD, we specialize in helping drivers haul their toys across the Prairies. Whether you're behind the wheel of a full-size RAM truck, an adventure-ready Jeep Wrangler, or a family-friendly Dodge Durango, we'll make sure your ride is equipped with the accessories you need to bring your electric bikes along for the ride.

    FFUN Dodge North Battleford Is Big on Adventure

    Sure, we may be known as Northern Saskatchewan's top car and truck dealership, but we're also a group of active outdoor enthusiasts. We know how to work hard and play even harder! That's why we're proud to offer BikTrix electric bikes along with a variety of eBike accessories that will help you stay safe and have fun out on the trails. Let's find the perfect electric bike for your needs: contact us to reserve your BikTrix eBike today.