5 Truck Bed Hacks for Your Pickup Truck

April 5th, 2023 by

Your pickup truck bed is one of the most important and versatile parts of its construction. Whether you’re storing, loading, or unloading, there are a ton of hacks that you can implement to maximize the truck bed’s use. From simple DIYs to random parts and accessories you never knew you needed, there are plenty of ways you can keep your truck bed organized and even create space to have more fun at the campsite and more productivity at the job site. Here are five easy truck bed hacks for your pickup truck!

Truck Bed Drawers
Want to keep your cargo organized and aesthetically more appealing? If you want a sleek look to complement your desire for organization, make some drawer slides for the bed of your pickup truck. This DIY truck bed storage project makes two big drawers and then adds a number of compartments to keep things tidy inside. The drawers look great while hiding your precious cargo.
Make a splash with your family road trip, and consider turning your truck bed into a pickup pool. This genius DIY idea lets you transform your truck bed into a chill zone with nothing but a couple of tarps and a garden house. You can also buy pre-made ready-to-go Pickup Pools online here!
Truck Bed Caddy
It’s generally easy to keep your bulkier cargo items in place while stored inside your truck bed. But if you happen to have lots of small items that easily roll around, a DIY truck bed caddy might be just what you need. Simply use a wooden caddy or box and fasten it to your truck bed using deck screws. This way, your small job site equipment stays secured all in one place.
Dedicated Spots
This hack is more of a tip, but dedicating spots in your vehicle for specific items is one of the best ways to keep your truck bed organized. If you’re just putting things away as they come to you, items won’t always fit as they should. Dedicating space to each piece of gear means you’ll always have the room you think you do and know where each item is when you need it.
Truck Bed Hammock
Long day on the road? No trees in sight? Adults and kids alike will love this little hammock hack. Use the bed of your truck to post up for a few hours without the need for posts or trees. Simply secure your straps to the hooks inside your truck bed and hang back!
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